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Async is like mold in your fridge or GPU license in your dependencies. It propagates through your code, taking over every corner of it. You can call sync functions from async functions but async functions can be called only from other async functions, using the await keyword.

This one returns a coroutine instead of a result:

async def welcome():
    return 'hello world'

def main():
    return welcome()

# <coroutine object welcome at 0x...>

This is how main should look instead:

async def main():
    result = await welcome()
    return result

Alright, but how to call the root function? It also returns a coroutine! The answer is, which will take a coroutine, schedule it, and return its result:

coro = main()
result =

Keep in mind that should be called only once. You can't use it to call an async function from any sync function. Again, if you have an async function to call, all functions calling it (and all functions calling them, and so on) should also be async. Like a mold.