Python etc / Making file path

Making file path

Concatenating parts of file path can be done with os.path.join:

import os
In : dir_path = '/home/vadim/'
In : file_name = ''
In : os.path.join(dir_path, file_name)
Out: '/home/vadim/'

It's usually better than using string concating like this:

In : dir_path + '/' + file_name
Out: '/home/vadim//'

os.path.join uses the correct delimiter for the current platform (e. g. \ for Windows). It also never produces a double delimiter (//).

Since Python 3.4, you also can use the Path class from the pathlib module. (It also can be used as an os.path.join argument since Python 3.6.) Path supports concatenation via / operator:

In : Path('/home/vadim/') / Path('')
Out: PosixPath('/home/vadim/')